Mothers Day Key Fob


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I’ve been looking for a project to use the ImpressArt Wonderland metal stamp set I picked up.

2014 Mothers Day key fob: "Sooner or latter we all quote our mother"

ImpressArt Wonderland Metal Stamp Set

My Pinterest addiction provided the perfect inspiration in the form of a pendant which read: “Sooner our later we all quote or mother.”

Since the ladies in my family don’t wear much jewelry, I decided a key fob was a better one-size-fits-all gift.

I started by stamping the saying out on paper with ink so I could see what size metal blank I would need for the project & so I’d have a reference while stamping. After a wander through a couple local craft stores, I bought a pack of dog tag charms which were a perfect fit for the text & my budget. Since I was only stamping a few tags, I wasn’t overly worried about the hardness of the metal blanks I chose.

TIP : When buying metal stamps, check the hardness rating. If you use the stamps on materials that are too hard, the stamps will wear down & need to be replaced.

After checking the word spacing of my template on the dog tag charm, I gathered all of my supplies.

2014 Mothers Day key fob: "Sooner or latter we all quote our mother"

From past projects, I’ve know that I don’t have much luck stamping in straight lines using the tape method, so I drew lines on the charm using a regular fine point marker and a clear grid ruler. (Do not use a permanent marker or the lines won’t easily wipe off when you’re done stamping.) I drew five parallel lines for the text, then marked the vertical center.

I started at the top & worked from the center out for each line; this was where the template really came in handy. To reduce the amount of texture on the back of the tag (from the metal block), I put a piece of light cardstock behind the metal blank and taped both in place. Taping your blank in place also reduces the chances of making a bad impression since it can’t slide about.

2014 Mothers Day key fob: "Sooner or latter we all quote our mother"

The tags looked good, but a little plain, so I grabbed my alcohol inks & had some fun adding color. Between alcohol inks being translucent & the metal tags being reflective, I felt comfortable not diluting the colors. While it’s a bit difficult to read the text straight on, tilting the tag makes it much easier to read.

2014 Mothers Day key fob: "Sooner or latter we all quote our mother"

After the tags were colored, I added two small and one regular split ring to make key fobs. If you prefer a pendent, switch the split rings for a bail and chain.

I’m happy to say that all three moms loved their key fob. Success!!

2014 Mothers Day key fob: "Sooner or latter we all quote our mother"


  • Metal Stamps
  • Template – paper, ink, scissors, clear tape
  • Split Rings – 24mm & 5mm
  • Metal Blank – dog tag charm
  • Clear grid ruler & non-permanent marker
  • Metal block & 8oz hammer
  • Split rings – 6mm & 24mm
  • Alcohol ink applicator & felt pads
  • Alcohol blending solution
  • Alcohol ink – various colors



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