Baby It’s Cold Outside

This dragon scarf is a free pattern available at Choly Knight's website. If you're interested in plush toy sewing patterns, consider subscribing to her newsletter for the occasional free pattern, plus alerts whenever new items are added to her Etsy shop. Since the recipient adores Haku, I wanted all the colors to be as close as possible... Continue Reading →


Touchdown! Pillow Quilt Blanket

My mom’s husband is a devout fan of the (American) football team Pittsburgh Steelers. Themed memorabilia is always a safe gift for him, but since my mom is generally not a sports fan, I try to keep his gifts on the smaller side so his collection won't overflow the TV room. I found a pillow... Continue Reading →

Horsing Around

My stepmom has a lifelong love of horses, so when I came across a pair of t-shirts with sepia-toned photos of horses I immediately grabbed them. Unfortunately, they weren't the correct size to gift 'as-is', so adjustments were needed. Since I was on a pillow-making kick (& a bit short on time), I opted to... Continue Reading →

Bigger is Better?

After making shield pillows for the boys, I needed to make some for the dads. I scaled up my original pattern & went hunting through my fabric stash, netting a pair of t-shirts with fun prints & lightweight denim. The first pillow followed the same pattern as the ones for the boys. I used denim... Continue Reading →

Pillow Fight, Anyone?

With this year's budget being so tight, I had been wracking my brain for a crafty gift idea for my two nephews. After coming up with nothing much, I tried searching Pinterest & found this little gem: Shield Pillow. For a full description & tutorial, head over to: To start, I sketched half a... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day Key Fob

I've been looking for a project to use the ImpressArt Wonderland metal stamp set I picked up. My Pinterest addiction provided the perfect inspiration in the form of a pendant which read: "Sooner our later we all quote or mother." Since the ladies in my family don't wear much jewelry, I decided a key fob... Continue Reading →

Double Spiral Danger

While the finished sections are really pretty, I did learn an important (if obvious)lesson: always check the aspect ratio when making chain maille. (Oops!) I really wanted to try a new chain maille pattern, so I started a double spiral with what I had on hand: 18 gauge 5/16 inch aluminum jump rings. The same jump rings made... Continue Reading →

Art Deco Vintage Car

I found photos of a Father's Day card I did a while back using the Cricut Art Deco cartridge. Depending on the finished size of my project, I prefer to layout all the pieces I need to cut on one or two mats. This can be done with a Gypsy or using the Cricut Craft Room software. As long as... Continue Reading →

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