Bigger is Better?


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After making shield pillows for the boys, I needed to make some for the dads. I scaled up my original pattern & went hunting through my fabric stash, netting a pair of t-shirts with fun prints & lightweight denim.


The first pillow followed the same pattern as the ones for the boys. I used denim scraps for the bottom & old t-shirts for top. The silver ribbon was from my stash & the celestial ribbon was purchased at JoAnn. Even with interfacing, the top had a lot more give than the lightweight stretch denim. It didn’t overly distort the shape, so I ending up leaving it. Here’s a couple of close-ups.

PillowShield_wolf-detail   PillowShield_wolf-detail2

The tribal dragons were too large for the quarter panels, so I grabbed denim scraps large enough for vertical halves & made the pattern fit. The wider ribbon was added to support the seam (& because it was pretty).


I trimmed around the main design & appliquéd it to the denim with a short zigzag stitch. It’s hard to see in the photos, but the black parts of the tribal pattern are flocked.


The dads were equally happy with their shields. Now I just have to make shields for the girls & ‘swords’ for everyone. One of the moms requested rounds shields as she’s worried about pointy bits (even padded). I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to manage that, but at least circles aren’t a complicated shape.