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One of our fur babies left us a year and a half ago. This one-page scrapbook layout is in memory of our dear cat Ralphie, may she rest in peace.

Ralphie (with His Angels)

I wanted the focus of the layout to be the photo of Ralphie, so I decided to keep the layout very simple & embellishments to a minimum. The photo in the layout was taken at our previous home on a sunny summer day. I love how she seems to glow in the sunlight.

Ralphie Closeup

The oval layers behind the photo were cut using George & Basic Shapes. A cream pearlescent cardstock (Bazzill Bling String of Pearls) on top of an light orange vellum was all the framing the photo needed. The vellum was primarily chosen because you can still see the paw print pattern thru the layers.

The wing shape is from the Indie Art cartridge (one of my favorites). The top layer was cut from a white vellum with a swirl pattern, the shadow layer was cut out of the light orange vellum.  A word of caution when cutting these wings, they are very detailed & require a lot of patience to get off the cutting mat in one piece. Totally worth the trouble, but don’t try to rush. I actually grabbed a scrap piece of paper to slide under the wings as I lifted them off the cutting mat. (A hard lesson learned after I ruined the first set of wings I cut. Thankfully, I had just enough vellum left to try again.)

Ralphie Name Tag

I had some trouble attaching the collar directly to the layout. After several failed attempts, I ended up cutting a strip of paper & using a stronger liquid glue to add a backing to the fabric. I stacked several books on top & left it to dry overnight. The next day, the collar was firmly attached to the paper backing & much less inclined to curl. I glued the collar to the edge of the patterned paper, stacked books on top & left it to dry overnight again.

The font is all from the Cricut Blackletter cartridge (another favorite). I cut the date out of a cream pearlescent cardstock (Bazzill Bling String of Pearls), then realized that I hadn’t run the cardstock thru my Xyron machine first. Since I didn’t want to deal with glue seeping out around the tiny numbers & dashes, I opted to use the negative cut & backed it with the light orange vellum. I liked the layers, but it was a little small for the layout. Solution: add a few more layers of cream pearlescent cardstock & a scrap of dark brown paper. I do like my bling, so I also added a gold rhinestone.

Ralphie LO Date

All the words were welded using my Gypsy. The words around the photo were cut out of a light orange pearlescent cardstock (Bazzill Bling Bling) & then given an antique look with a brown marker.

with His


I couldn’t find a halo shape that I liked, so a circle from Plantin SchoolBook was stretched and rotated until it looked right.


  • 0.5″ (date) Blackletter
  • 1.0″ (with His) Blackletter
  • Layers behind photo:
    • 3.0″ <sltdoval> (Slotted/Shift) George and Basic Shapes pg. 121
    • 3.0″ <sltdoval> (Shadow/Shift) George and Basic Shapes pg. 121
  • 3.6″ (wing & wing shadow) Indie Art (Solutions cartridge, 3rd row down, 5th column from the left) – cut x2
  • angel with halo:
    • 1.25″ (angel) Blackletter
    • 0.23″ <circle> (Roly Poly) Plantin SchoolBook pg. 72
    • <circle> was modified with Gypsy (.23 h x 1.86 w, 12⁰) and welded with angel
  • Ralphie (name) with halo:
    • 1.0″ (name) Blackletter
    • 0.25″ <circle> (Roly Poly) Plantin SchoolBook pg. 72
    • <circle> was modified with Gypsy (.25 h x 2.0 w, -7⁰) and welded with name
  • Gypsy
  • Cricut Cutting Machine
  • Brown Marker
  • Memorabilia or strip of accent paper with charm
  • Gold Rhinestones x2
  • Brown Paper
  • Cat paw print pattern paper (from my stash)
  • Bazzil Bling cardstock:
    • cream (String of Pearls)
    • orange (Bling)
  • Vellum:
    • white swirl pattern (from my stash)
    • orange (from my stash)