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ChessSet_b by divinecrone
Chess Set, a photo by divinecrone on Flickr.
This travel game set is for my son who recently told me he enjoys playing chess. I started with a tin, white contact paper, 3/4″ button magnets & printable magnet sheets. So far, I have the chess set & checkers set done. The lid is 10″ across (almost fits a 7″ square), so I cut 3/4″ squares out of the white contact paper to make the chess/checkers board on the lid. To find my starting point, I used a 7″ square of paper & marked the edges with scrap pieces of contact paper. I set my squares on the lid to make sure I had the spacing right. Then I stuck the 3/4″ square to the lid spacing them 7/8″ apart.
ChessSet_a by divinecroneThe images for the chess set were cut primarily from Life’s A Beach & Create A Critter. The angel fish is from Cricut Alphabet, a cartridge exclusive to the Expression 2 Anniversary Edition. Because the images are cut between 1/2″ to 3/4″ tall, I used my Gypsy to hide most of the internal cuts. All of the cardstock was run thru my Xyron machine before cutting. I didn’t want to try gluing such small pieces. Once I had all the images cut out, I stuck them to 1″ strips of Bazzil Bling Cardstock (with enough space between the images for punching the circles). The circles were punched around the image with a 3/4″ circle punch from EK Success. I could have cut the 3/4″ circles with my cricut, but I have found, thru experience, that the Xyron permanent adhesive is very strong & fast-acting. I didn’t want to have to redo an image because it wasn’t centered on the circle.
ChessSet_white by divinecroneBecause there wasn’t much detail, I decided to add Stickles to all of the images. After making a mess with the first few, I figured out that it was easier to stick the circles to the magnets before adding the Stickles. In all fairness, I didn’t have the circle punch with me when I started adding the Stickles. I was at a 12-hour crop & the store didn’t have any 3/4″ circle punches in stock. So, I placed a damsel-in-distress call to my sweetie who went looking for the 3/4″ circle punch. (Insert ‘ahhh’ sound here) After visiting three different stores, my sweetie finally found correct size at Hobby Lobby & brought it to me at the crop. (Yes, I am very spoiled/loved.)
ChessSet_black by divinecrone
The crowns are from Rock Princess. I wanted them to stick to the chess & checkers pieces without being too bulky, printable magnet sheet was a perfect choice. It’s not as strong as the button magnets, but it does the job. My son will get to pick a color for the crowns if he wants something other than white.
CheckersSet_a by divinecrone
Checkers Set, a photo by divinecrone on Flickr.
Both dinos are from Create A Critter. I had originally intended to use Dinosaur Tracks, but those were a little too detailed for the size. Besides, these dinos fit in the circle at a larger size & were just too adorable to resist.
Checkers_Detail_Dino1 by divinecroneThe dino images were layered on a plain tan cardstock from my stash. The shine you see in the pictures is from the Mod Podge. I figured the paper wasn’t going to last long without something to protect it from a young boy & accidents. Since the game pieces shouldn’t be outside in the rain & mud or submerged, I put on two layers of the gloss Paper Mod Podge. If the Paper Mod Podge isn’t sufficient, I might try the Hard Coat Mod Podge. I didn’t go with the Hard Coat Mod Podge first because the bottle recommends a 4 week cure time. Since my son is already on summer break & has been really excited about this project, it didn’t seem fair to make him wait the extra time before playing.

Checkers_Detail_Dino2 by divinecroneI am going to pick up plastic tubes to hold the game pieces inside the tin. While the magnets would stick to the inside, it will be easier for my son to keep them organized & together that way. I’m also planning on adding a few more board games to the tin, so the tubes will be necessary by the end of summer.

The one thing that I did notice while taking these pictures was how hot the black tin got in direct sunlight. Since we get a lot of summer sun in the desert, I’m going to need to find (or make) a storage bag for the tin. Something with an adjustable strap would be good…