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My sweetie sent me to an all-day crop at Scrappin’ Time about two weeks before the big move. While I was there, I finished a 2pg layout of our previous move in 2009. (I am so behind on my scrapbooking…) I’m sharing this layout for two reasons: I’m absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out… and because I can find it.

Anyone who knows me, can tell you that I am a non-repentant paper addict. I especially love Asain-themed designs. For this project, I wanted to use some of the Asain-themed papers I already had, but the two papers I found myself drawn to were a magenta & an orange. After another look thru my stack, I couldn’t find any other paper that I wanted to trade with the magenta or orange. Both had a bird design, so I decided to go with the flow.

Fly - Pg 1

Home - Pg 2

When I have photo-heavy layout, I like to use wallet-size prints. The smaller photos make it easier to fit them on the page(s). The smaller size also allows me to display interesting patterns on the background paper. Both ‘papers’ were foil-stamped pearlesant fabric, so I chose to place my photos to highlight the foil patterns.

The title ‘Fly Home’ was cut from brown pattern paper. I added metallic ink to accentuate the pattern paper used for the first half of the title, then layered it with a white vellum shadow layer. ‘Home’ looked a little busy cut from the same pattern paper, so I covered it with brown chalk ink & gold Stickles outlining the attached flower. In my stash, I had found a yard of ribbon that was almost a perfect match for the magenta papern. The magenta ribbon made a perfect for a border on the right of the LO, especially after a few embossed dragonflies.

Dragonfly Border

Orange flowers were added to the magenta page & suddenly everything looked as if it had been planned that way… Orange eyelets & three different papers were used for the flowers: a heavy, textured cardstock; a smooth cardstock & a vellum.