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DSCF2875_detailMy boss, Jack, is a great guy. So, this year I decided to surprised him for his birthday. I found the perfect gift & needed a card to give with it.

I decided to incorporate a jack-in-the-box into the card. A search thru the cartridge library with my Gypsy showed only two current cartridges with a jack-in-the-box: B is for Boy & Nate’s ABC’s. Unfortunately for my plan, I don’t own either of those cartridges. So, I improvised…

I don’t remember who first shared this tip with me, but it’s a great way to create the image you want, as long as you’re willing to invest the time.

  1. Select the image that you’d love to use. Decide what kind of basic shapes it can be made with (rectangle, triangle, circle, etc). Determine how closely you want to match the original shape & whether or not you want a layered image.
  2. Add a mat. On the second mat, begin using simple shapes to fill in the outline. I usually start with George & Basic Shapes, but any cartridge with a rectangle, triangle & circle will do the trick.
  3. Save periodically to be sure you don’t lose your work.
  4. Once the basic shapes are filled in, start searching for odd shapes. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to get the shape you want. Flip, rotate, tilt, stretch, etc.
    • For this project, I began by making the box. Then I used the clown & a few other accessories from Paper Doll Dress Up to make the doll. The spring was from the Disney Pooh and Friends Cartridge. I used the glove from Savory for the hands.
  5. Make sure that you overlap the pieces so they will weld together smoothly. Group everything together & Weld (if you haven’t already done so). Preview to verify that you’ve created a solid shape. Make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Save & cut.


Due to time constraints & other obligations, I decided to use a simple outline without the layers. After searching thru my stash, I found a fun green pattern paper & green ribbon. I matched that up with a lime green sharpie in a Mar-Kits holder to create a fun & simple birthday card.

DSCF2872_editOn the inside of the card, you can see the back of the pattern paper. The sentiment  is from Once Upon A Princess cut from Bazzill Bling cardstock. The edges are inked with Tsukineko pigment ink, Pearlescent Ivy to be specific.

I do apologize that the pictures are crooked. I really need to find something other than my Cricut machine to stand cards up on to photograph.