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I attended a Private Scrap Party in Las Vegas last week. The hostess had asked everyone to bring 20 single yards of a fall, winter or holiday ribbon to swap with the other ladies. So, I spent the week beforehand looking thru local craft stores for a ribbon that I liked which fit the criteria without being too expensive. I quickly came to two conclusions: 1) I have expensive tastes, 2) I was going to need to come at this from another angle because this plan wasn’t working.

So, I went home to decide how I wanted to package the ribbon I was bringing. I started sorting thru a tote full of craft papers & materials from my mom’s purge of her unused crafting supplies hoping that a bolt of inspiration would strike. I found a package of black shrink plastic by Lucky Squirrel which immediately got me thinking of my favorite holiday, Halloween.

I had just gotten the newest Halloween cartridge Chic & Scary, so I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to explore the cartridge while having a  bit of fun. I got out my Gypsy, place the images on the mats for minimum paper waste, linked to my Cricut machine & ran straight into an error message. *bleep*

After a searching the Cricut message board, I found out that I wouldn’t be able to cut anything from Chic & Scary with my Gypsy until the next update was released. I was a bit irritated, but decided that I really liked the images on this cartridge. I spent 30 minutes re-learning how to use my Cricut machine without my Gypsy & finding out that I needed to reduce the size to minimize paper waste. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very lady-like by the time I figured it out.

I cut bats, pointed masks, rounded masks & spooky tags at 2.3 inches tall. In the process, I discovered that the black Lucky Squirrel shrink plastic is thicker than the shrink plastic I had previously used. To get a clean cut that went 95% thru the shrink plastic, I set the machine to 8x multi-cut for the spooky tags, 7x multi-cut for the rest. My Crop-A-Dile Eyelet and Snap Punch was used to punch two 3/16″ holes each in the bat & masks before heating/shrinking. Four 3/16″ holes were punched in the spooky tag so they wouldn’t look uneven. All of the tags were about 1″ tall after shrinking.


Spooky Tag from Chic & Scary

I decided to have two yards of ribbon (one orange, one black) per person since I finally found a very simple (& inexpensive) ribbon to swap. A large jump ring was attached to one side to tie the ribbon on. A smaller jump ring was attached on the other side for the pyrite. In case you’re wondering ‘why pyrite?’ – well, what better adornment for a Las Vegas event than fool’s gold?