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If you haven’t been to Cricut.com lately, you may have missed seeing that the Cricut Collectibles are (finally) available for purchase. I have been waiting (not so) patiently to get my own 3″ vinyl figures ever since the prototype was shown in the Cricut Corner: Ep.2 video last March. (If you’re a member of the Cricut Circle, you can also see the video here at the Cricut Circle Blog.)

A limited number of Cricut Collectibles were available for purchase at the Ohio Summer CHA, but I wasn’t able to attend. I did finally get three of my own at the Cricut Circle Meet Up in Nevada at the end of September. I opened the boxes at the Meet Up to see which figures I got, but forgot to take pictures.

I decided to do a bit of reorganizing of my craft space after the Meet Up, so my Cricut Collectibles have stayed in their boxes for safe-keeping. I finally got them out for photos this week. Here they are, posing on my Cricut Expression 2. (And no, I didn’t finish reorganizing yet. I did make a lot of progress though…)


Aren’t they the cutest? Each Cricut Collectible in this first series represents one of the machines that Provo Craft has made, the machine logo is on the back of their head. If you want more details go here to Curt Jenson’s blog. He is an illustrator for Provo Craft & a fan of all things Disney.


Perhaps I should look at different shadow box options to display my Cricut Collectibles. I’m a little worried some accident will befall one (or more) of them if I just leave them sitting out in my craft area, especially since I currently have a corner of the living room as my craft space rather than a separate room. I love being able to spend time with my family while I craft, but sometimes I miss having a door I can close on the rest of the world…