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I want to share a quick home decor project using vinyl. First, here is a ‘before’ picture with our stairs decorated for the holidays.

Stairs - before

I purchased Cricut Chocolate Vinyl, during one of the fabulous holiday sales, specifically for this project. The package arrived with the New Year & I was able to finish my project, from design to clean-up, in a single afternoon.

I was a little disappointed that only two sheets of 12″ x 24″ vinyl were included; on the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the vinyl. I was confident the vinyl would handle even the most intricate cuts.

Family & Friends

Now, details… After almost two hours of searching thru various cartridges, I couldn’t find a complete ‘Family & Friends’ phrase that I wanted to use, so I selected each part came from a different cartridge. ‘Family’ is from the Home Accents cartridge, cut at 7.35″ tall (the largest that would fit on the 12″ x 24″ mat). The ampersand (&) comes from the End Caps font on the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, cut at 1.80″ tall. Because the End Caps font is intended for word banners, the actual size of the ampersand (&) is closer to 1.5″ tall. ‘Friends’ is a phrase from the Give A Hoot cartridge, cut at 4″ tall. I arranged everything in my Gypsy before cutting, letting me see how the different pieces fit together, eliminating the guess-work.

The recommended settings for a ‘kiss cut’ (a cut that only goes through the vinyl leaving the backing liner uncut) were blade depth 6 & pressure 2. I used speed 2, blade depth 6, & pressure 3. I wanted to be absolutely sure all the twists & turns cut cleanly. I didn’t have any plans for the uncut portions of the vinyl, so I didn’t worry about saving those pieces when ‘weeding’ (removing) the excess vinyl. I ended up using clear contact paper to transfer the vinyl to the wall since I had forgotten to add transfer tape to my cart when I purchased the vinyl. (Oops!) It was a bit of a struggle to lift the more detailed parts of the cut from the backing liner; my spatula tool came in real handy for starting the stubborn edges. Lesson learned: I will definitely be using a proper transfer paper for my next vinyl project.

Overall, I’m pleased with the final result. I may add another small flourish to fill in a bit more of the space, but since I have a tendency to over think projects & I plans for additional vinyl decor, I’m going to give it at least two months before making any changes to this particular project.