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I’ve been bringing work home for the last two weeks, so I haven’t done more than glance longingly at my craft table in that time. I finally got far enough ahead on the latest client emergency to take Monday night off. Unfortunately, I had next to no energy to start a new project, but I still wanted to do something creative. After browsing thru my emails (I was woefully behind), I decided to pull my sketch book out of the drawer & get to work with my favorite pencil.

It’s been years since I’ve indulged in a doodling session & I found myself struggling a bit. I’m a little disappointed that each part doesn’t flow perfectly into the next but, overall, I’m happy with the results. This is about two hours of scribbles, erasing & smoothing out the lines…

Doodle Art 03-12-2012

The original doodle has light shading, but most of that detail was lost when I adjusted the contrast so the pencil lines were visible. As I work my way out, I’ll expand the value scale with darker (softer) pencils. I keep HB lead in my mechanical pencil. It means that my initial sketches tend to be a bit pale, but I don’t have as much smearing as I get the design out of my head & onto the paper.