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With this year’s budget being so tight, I had been wracking my brain for a crafty gift idea for my two nephews. After coming up with nothing much, I tried searching Pinterest & found this little gem: Shield Pillow.

For a full description & tutorial, head over to: BusilySpinningMomma.com

To start, I sketched half a shield on a large sheet of paper folded vertically & added a few notes.


Once I was happy with the shape, I went to my ribbon stash & fabrics remnants. I found a yard of red satin ribbon & a package of Toy Story® grosgrain ribbon that I’d purchased a while back. (Toy Story® is one of their all-time favorite movies.) I managed to build the shield from scraps: the yellow was salvaged from a torn pillow, the red was a tank top ruined while painting walls, the blue came from curtains for a previous house, & the tie-dye was twin-sized jersey sheet.


Since two of the four fabrics were stretchy knits, I used fusible interfacing to support the fabric & help it hold its shape. An added benefit was being able to trim the knit pieces to shape without worrying (too much) about overdoing it. I skipped the fleece interfacing since I didn’t have any on hand. The other major difference between Busily Spinning Momma’s tutorial & the shields I made is that my straps were sewn on vertically rather than horizontally.


Overall, they were a good compromise between the boys’ birthday wish for ‘weapons’ & parents’ wish for safety. My sister thought they were fantastic & her boys were thrilled. Next project: make larger shields for the parents & figure out pillow swords.